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Urns & Keepsakes

d Biodegradable
d Brass
d Glass
d Ceramic
d Marble
d Wood
d Personnalized


d Made with cremains


d Variety
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Jewelry Urns & Keepsakes

d Wood Necklaces Urns
d Cobalt Necklace Urns
d Glass Pendanst Keepsakes
d Fine Jewelry Keepsakes
d Rosary Keepsakes
d Key Chain Keepsakes
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Display's & Name Plates

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d Up To $ 150.00
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d Under $ 350.00
d d
d All Keepsakes
d All Urns
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Urn Sizing:
1 cubic inch = 1 lb. of weight.

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Divine Inspiration

d Crosses & Crucifix
d Angels & Cherubs
d Glass Ornaments
d Candles, CandlehHolders & Oil Warmers
d Photo Frames
d Jewelry
d `` Say a little Prayer ``
d For the Garden
d Variety


All prices are in US dollars



Lay-A-Way your Urn Purchase


MemoriuM offers an easy payment plan for urns, keepsakes or any other purchases totaling over $200.00. Send your order by mail, then make 3 equal payments in 3 months time. Upon the final payment your purchase will be shipped to you.

This can be helpful to anyone who has their loved one's cremains in their home and have not been able to make their urn purchase.
The Lay-A-Way program does not charge an interest fee and payments can be made by check or credit card through Paypal. As always, for all non-custom urns, our Satisfaction Guaranteed policy applies to all Lay-A-Way purchases.

These efforts are not only intended to provide affordable alternatives for our customers, but also to provide urns and keepsakes that we consider beautifully appealing, direct to the public. A lasting memorial for your family and friends.

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