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One Privileged Moment

A great part of the funerary ritual relates to the exposure of the late one. It is known that several people ask so that they not be exposed. The intention is noble, one wishes to give less disorder, and to engage less possible expenditure, by thinking that the fact of jumping of the stages will reduce the sorrow of the survivors.

It seems that the resolution of mourning implies the exposure of the deceased. Thus, the few hours during which the person deceased is exposed to the funeral home is one privileged moment of the ritual. It is at this time that each person have the time of expressing her attachments, to again tell the history of this day when he knew the late one, to say how he was an extraordinary fellow worker, etc.

It is however not the only important moment, because the funerary ritual can start a long time before the death, when the friend or the relative is seriously reached by a disease. The accompaniment of the dying person is as important as are to it the exposure of the skin, the ceremony and the return of funeral which allows the relaxation with moments charge of emotions.

It is important to leave the choice and the possibility to the survivors of re-examining one last time their dear ones. It is unfortunate to force on our close relations the desire not to be exposed, because one never knows in which circumstances death will occur. It is them which will have to live mourning, it is thus with them that returns the choice to express the need or not to re-examine one last time the late one.

Often, mourners think to reduce their pain by subordinating the presentation of the skin, but on the contrary, it is rather to drive back the emotions, which will re-appear early or late and in an unexpected and amplified way.


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